Commercial Services

We are the number one commercial concrete experts in Loveland, OH

Michael's Pre-Cast Concrete has a full range of quality and state of the art inventory to complete your job, large or small.
We have the best equipment and the most experienced and professional team in Loveland, OH. Michael's Pre-Cast Concrete creates, on-site, pre-cast items for homeowners, contractors and retailers. We provide pre-cast commercial concrete including parking blocks, steps, tables and decorations, benches and swimming pool coping. 
We can help you complete your task, no matter the size or nature of your project.
When you choose Michael's Pre-Cast Concrete in Loveland, you will be in excellent hands!
commercial concrete building construction in Loveland, OH


Michael's Pre-Cast Concrete assists homeowners, retailers, and contractors in their building projects, including residential, offices, hotels, supermarkets, warehouses, factories, parking lots, signs and public buildings in their pre-cast commercial concrete needs, decorative or functional.
Contact us to discuss your pre-cast concrete needs today!
commercial concrete in Loveland, OH


Michael's Pre-Cast Concrete can supply your pre-cast concrete needs to finish out your construction or residential project. Steps, signposts, wall and swimming pool coping, as well as window, portal, doorway and fireplace lintels-we can supply it all.
Call us to discuss, talk about delivery or installation, or just to walk through the massive inventory on site at Michael's Pre-Cast Concrete in Loveland Ohio.    
Commercial concrete in Loveland, OH


When it comes to technically challenging, and large scale pre-cast residential or commercial concrete items, we can meet the needs of a single residential homeowner, or the needs for the parking or green space in a new apartment or condominium complex in a new subdivision. Park benches (traditional or commemorative), steps, picnic tables and swimming pool copings, Michael's Pre-Cast Concrete in Loveland has the inventory to meet your needs.

Wall caps and lintels

We manufacture many shapes of wall caps and lintels for your exterior doors. Lintels are made from lightweight material or concrete. Sizes available include: 4" x 8", 6" x 8", and 8" x 8". Custom-size lintels are also available.

Signpost bases

Stand up your signs with sturdy, pre-cast concrete signpost bases. These can be used as a base for handicap signs in parking lots or stop signs wherever needed. Their dimensions are 22" x 22" x 16" high. Each weighing 325 pounds.

Parking Bumpers

Our parking bumpers are available in a range of sizes, including: 7" x 5" x 24", 7" x 5" x 36", 7" x 5" x 72",  7" x 5" x 84",  7" x 5" x 96",  9" x 5" x 72",  16" x 12" x 96" 

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